This Is The Time To Seek The Lord

This is the time to seek the Lord.

With all the difficulties of life surrounding us, as believers, we cannot allow the enemy of our soul to keep us in a place where we don’t effectively seek God.

There is a stir in my heart that tells me, something is coming.

  • God wants to move.
  • The devil wants to fight.
  • God’s people need to pray.

It is our time to seek the Lord.

Here’s the point:

Sometimes God opens a window of opportunity over your life. 

In that moment it is the time to seek the Lord.

Right now, could it be that there is a window of opportunity forming over your life? I believe for the church there is. What are all the details of this opportunity? I don’t know.

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But God is doing his best to prepare his church for the next thing coming.

  • It could be the return of Jesus.
  • It could be revival.
  • It could be spiritual warfare that increases in magnitude.
  • It could be more push back from culture over who we are and what we believe.

In any case, now is the time to seek the Lord. Today is the day to ready ourselves for whatever is coming next. Sometimes God opens a window of opportunity over your life. In that moment it is the time to seek the Lord.

Here’s what the Bible has to say…

Isaiah 55:1–13 NLTse

1 “Is anyone thirsty? Come and drink— even if you have no money! Come, take your choice of wine or milk— it’s all free!

Jesus provides all that we need, when we need it. There is no reason to look for anything other than the Lord to be our provider.

  • Salvation is free.
  • The benefits of following Jesus are free.
  • The goodness and mercy of God are free to those that choose to repent and follow Christ.

The Bible offers this question…

2 Why spend your money on food that does not give you strength? Why pay for food that does you no good? Listen to me, and you will eat what is good. You will enjoy the finest food. 

The Lord is giving us a key. In fact, in the next scripture, he will be very plain about what the key is. God asks us to listen to him. Listening is the key to hearing God and discerning the moment of opportunity in your life.

For some, you may have sought to find what you need in life through your own power and strength, but God has a better way.

Not only is it better, it is simpler.

All you and I have to do is LISTEN.

  • Listen for the voice of God in our daily life.
  • Listen for the voice of God in our spiritual walk.
  • Listen for the voice of God in our marriage and family.
  • Listen for the voice of God about our job.

God’s voice is the key to understanding timing.

3 “Come to me with your ears wide open. Listen, and you will find life. I will make an everlasting covenant with you. I will give you all the unfailing love I promised to David.

Please understand that, thought this passage is originally written to the nation of Israel, it still has bearing on us. Nothing about the Bible is irrelevant.

Every single passage holds key truths and principles that God will use in your life. We simply need to hear them and accept them.

So let me ask you a question: Is there anything that is stopping up your ears? Is anything in the way, and keeping your from hearing the voice of the Lord?

If so, it’s time for whatever that thing is, to GO.

When we listen to the voice of God…we find life. But to hear him, we must come to him with ears WIDE OPEN. We cannot hold anything back from him.


4 See how I used him to display my power among the peoples. I made him a leader among the nations.

5 You also will command nations you do not know, and peoples unknown to you will come running to obey, because I, the Lord your God, the Holy One of Israel, have made you glorious.”

The Bible says, in the book of Luke, “Look, I have given you authority over all the power of the enemy, and you can walk among snakes and scorpions and crush them. Nothing will injure you.”

It is time for the people of God to begin commanding the enemy to obey.

  • Don’t back down from your stand.
  • Don’t allow the devil to have a foothold in your life.
  • Don’t allow satan to steal from you any longer.

Make him obey.

The other day I read an amazing quote that perfectly fits with what I’m saying here…

“There needs to be a defiant attitude in us whenever we are attacked.  We need to understand what Satan is trying to stop.  We should resolve to increase the amount of whatever it was that made him mad.” – Mario Murillo 

Here is the complete link to Mario’s blog post.

Satan wants you to accept what he says about your life without any reservations…but don’t. You never have to accept anything less than the truth of God’s Word over your life.

The devil says…

  • You’re alone.
  • You won’t make it.
  • Everyone and everything is against you.
  • You always have bad fortune in your life.
  • You cannot be healed.
  • You cannot be set free.
  • Others can, but you cannot.

These ideas from Satan and every other idea like them is a lie.

In fact, when we entertain the ideas that the devil places in our mind, we give them roots and a foothold in our life. Cast away what the devil says about you, and hold on to what God says about you. Sometimes God opens a window of opportunity over your life.  In that moment it is the time to seek the Lord.

I believe with all my heart that God is about to open up an opportunity for believers.

  • For those who have been trapped, God will open the snare.
  • For those who have been undermined by life, God will build a bridge.
  • For those who have lost all hope, God will make hope live again.

But the key is opening up your ears…wide…and listening for the voice of God as he comes near.

  • Once you hear God…
  • Once you realize he is near…
  • Seek him.

Here’s what the Bible says about it…

6 Seek the Lord while you can find him. Call on him now while he is near.

Don’t allow your moment of opportunity with God to pass.

  • Seek him.
  • Search for him.

In the gospels, there was a blind man by the side of the road.

When he heard that Jesus was coming by that way, he didn’t continue in the same posture as always.

  • He got up.
  • He called out to Jesus.
  • He made a noise.
  • He caused a commotion.
  • Now is YOUR time to cause a commotion.
  • We need to seek the Lord to such a degree that is causes a commotion in heaven.
  • We should seek Jesus to the extent that we become noisy.

Don’t stay where you are spiritually. Now is the time to GET UP and CALL OUT to Jesus like never before. Please understand…God is making us an opportunity every time he comes near. Because when Jesus comes near, chains are broken and lives are turned around.

Sin cannot live in the presence of Jesus. An encounter with him will change everything.

7 Let the wicked change their ways and banish the very thought of doing wrong. Let them turn to the Lord that he may have mercy on them. Yes, turn to our God, for he will forgive generously. 

God longs to forgive. He desperately wants us to have the things that he has so freely provided for us. Don’t sit on the sidelines and allow your opportunity from God to pass by. Seek him while he is near.

Here’s why we must listen with open ears and seek the Lord with all our might…

8 “My thoughts are nothing like your thoughts,” says the Lord. “And my ways are far beyond anything you could imagine. 

  • He is above us.
  • He is above the storm and the fray of life.
  • His thoughts about you FAR EXCEED anything you could imagine.

To get any sort of a grasp on the goodness of God whatsoever, we have to listen with our ears wide open and with an open heart; and we must seek the Lord with all of our heart.

9 For just as the heavens are higher than the earth, so my ways are higher than your ways and my thoughts higher than your thoughts.

Now, what the Bible says next is amazing.

It is the promise that we can bank on when we listen for the voice of God and determine to seek his face.

10 “The rain and snow come down from the heavens and stay on the ground to water the earth. They cause the grain to grow, producing seed for the farmer and bread for the hungry. 

11 It is the same with my word. I send it out, and it always produces fruit. It will accomplish all I want it to, and it will prosper everywhere I send it. 

Don’t miss the Word of God for your life.

It is there.

God will speak it.

Don’t allow yourself to “just read the Bible.”

Instead, soak it in as the specific Word and voice of God to you, for your life.

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Seeking the Lord will give you an audience with him. You will find yourself in the presence of God, and in his presence you will hear him speak.

  • When God sends out his Word, it WILL produce fruit in your life.
  • When God sends out his Word, it WILL accomplish what he wants it to.
  • When God sends out his Word, it WILL prosper everywhere he sends it.

But you will miss it, if you don’t seek him while he is near and listen with ears wide open.

Now, listen as the Bible describes the benefits and blessings of seeking the Lord until you hear his voice.

12 You will live in joy and peace. The mountains and hills will burst into song, and the trees of the field will clap their hands!

13 Where once there were thorns, cypress trees will grow. Where nettles grew, myrtles will sprout up. These events will bring great honor to the Lord’s name; they will be an everlasting sign of his power and love.”

Sometimes God opens a window of opportunity over your life. 

In that moment it is the time to seek the Lord.

With all my heart, I believe that NOW is one of those moments.

What will you do with it?

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