How To Trust God’s Plan For Your Life

I don’t think trust comes naturally. Let’s face it, trust doesn’t come easily or naturally to most people. The reason? We’ve been through hurts or difficult seasons that leave us feeling a little jaded.

Trust involves awkward moments. Those situations when you don’t know exactly what to do or say.

You’ve been in one of those haven’t you?

 It was when you started a new relationship or took that new job. Maybe when you were trying to open yourself up and be more transparent because you knew transparency was the right thing to pursue in your life.

But you found it hard to trust what others would think or say. We never get too old to feel those emotions that many people relegate to the grade school playground. In fact, that is probably the place where you began developing some of your trust issues.

Trust is hard because it involves fearful moments when we are unsure of other’s reactions and thoughts.

Navigating through the emotions surrounding trust can make you feel like you are on unstable footing. The highly guarded areas of your life could topple at any moment, it seems.

Yet in all the tension that surrounds opening up and allowing trust in your heart, you find that trust is the exact quality God uses to propel your life forward into his plan.

Without trust, it is impossible to fully realize the plan and purpose of God for your life. In the absence of a trusting heart, you cannot experience the joy God so longs to bring into your life.

So…How do you trust?

What are the essentials of it?

On this, I will take my cue from scripture.

Proverbs 3:5–6
5 Trust in the Lord with all your heart; do not depend on your own understanding. 6 Seek his will in all you do, and he will show you which path to take.
The secret to living the life you were meant to live is wrapped up in a package called trust.
Here’s how you do that.

How To Trust God’s Plan For Your Life:

  1. Give God all your heart. (Trust the Lord with all your heart.)
    Don’t hold anything back.
    Allowing someone, even God, into the recesses of your heart isn’t always an easy task. Why? Your heart is the place you’ve shoved your unresolved issues and deepest fears. But unless God has access to every area of your heart, he cannot do a recreative and restorative work in it. Trust begins by giving God complete access…no closed doors.
  2. Stop trying to make sense of everything. (Do not depend on your own understanding.)
    There are people who will never be able to trust God’s plan in their life because they simply have to get it all figured out before they will act upon it. But here’s the question…Isn’t trust about taking action when things seem blurry, hazy, or obscure? Isn’t trust all about taking steps and relying on the direction of someone other than yourself?
  3. Seek God’s desire instead of your own. (Seek his will in all you do.)
    Trusting God’s plan means seeking God’s desire and will for your life. Sometimes it might seem to involve risk, pain, or difficulty. At other moments, joy is overwhelming. But this one thing is true either way: You cannot trust God and seek your own way at the same time. 
  4. Be open to his leading. (He will show you which path to take.)
    The one thing I’ve found true about God through my own journey is that he never leaves you hanging. God demands trust, but also proves to be trustworthy by virtue of his leadership in your life. God won’t require trust without also walking ahead of you and leading your life in the right direction. If you’re open to his voice, he will show you which path to take every time.

Question: In what areas of life are you currently learning to trust God?

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