Receiving From God

One of the great themes of the Bible, the theme that we think we know about and understand, the theme that we look to and hope to depend on, is that God is a promise giving and promise keeping God.

We long for the promises of God to be fulfilled in our life.

Why? Because we expressly understand that when the promises of God are kept in our life, it will change us, help us, and certainly provide for us in ways that we absolutely need.

The only person who shies away from the promises of God is the one that is prideful, boastful, and doesn’t really know or understand how much they need the Lord.

Still, many look at the promises of God as something that we should not base our relationship with God on.

They declare that we love God ONLY because he is God.

And while I certainly understand the sentiment behind such an idea, I don’t believe it is an idea that holds water.

Here’s why…Because EVERYTHING about my relationship with God is ultimately dependent on what HE HAS DONE, it is NOTHING about what I can do.

I do believe that ONCE I KNOW GOD, I can love him for who he is, because I begin to understand a little about his character, but in the beginning stages of a relationship with God, you love him and need him entirely for what HE HAS DONE THAT YOU COULD NOT DO.

Even salvation is a PROMISE of God, and without it, we could never have a relationship with God.

So my case is that our love for God and relationship with God is so closely tied to his promises that we need to fully understand and NEVER shy away from wanting, desiring, clinging to, and hoping for, the promises of God to be fulfilled in our life.

In fact, our faith is in the promise giver.
Our provider.
Our redeemer.
Our advocate.
Our substitute.

Everything about God is received as a promise and worked out through our life by faith.

So the promises of God are vital to our very spiritual existence.


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